Troy Young

General Manager, Kyah Resources Inc.

Troy Young, a Witsuwit’en from Hagwilget Village, has been General Manager of Roga Contracting Ltd. since 2012.  Troy manages Roga and its multiple divisions and ventures, including LTN Contracting Ltd. and Kyah Resources Inc.  Troy purchased a falling contract in Campbell River in 2010, conducting all falling for WFP’s Mid Island company operations under REHN Enterprises Ltd.  In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of the companies, Troy has been fundamental in the creation and implementation of Roga, REHN, LTN, and Kyah’s Safety Management Systems.  Between all companies, over 1,250,000 cubic meters are harvested on an annual basis.

Roga and Lheidli T’enneh started working together in LTN Contracting in 1999.  In the role as Operations Manager North from 2000 to 2010, Troy managed the growth of LTN from 50,000 m3 to over 500,000 m3, including playing a significant role in the resurrection and maintenance of Chunzoolh Forest Products, the Lheidli T’enneh forest license.  In 2015 Troy and Lheidli T’enneh Chief Dominic Frederick, on behalf of LTN Contracting, were recipients of the 6th annual Aboriginal Forest Products Business Leadership Award presented by the Forest Products Association of Canada and the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.

Roga and Witset established Kyah Resources Inc. in 2014 to complete logging activities for Canfor, with shares being held equally by Roga and Witset First Nation (formerly Moricetown).  Based on the LTN model, Kyah is developing a long and prosperous relationship with Canfor, building its business with steady growth and strong performance for the customer.  Since 2014 we have grown the company from an annual cut of 80,000 m3 to 110,000 m3.  Working since 2019, Kyah is also the designated contractor for TransCanada’s Coastal Gas Link for the majority of Spread 7 and Spread 8.  Working under the spread’s prime contractors, Kyah will complete all clearing, tote road building, and road maintenance between Houston and Clore River near Kitimat.  As well, Kyah will act as aggregator between Burns Lake and Houston to ensure the work is completed and coordinated in a timely manner.  While onsite Kyah was successful in bidding on RW300, an extremely steep road that is required to access the Clore River basin.  The project was completed early, helping TC Energy get the section’s timelines back in alignment with the project

In 2015, Troy was the Managing Director of Shas Resources, on behalf of Roga, LTN and Kyah.  Shas brought together Lheidli T’enneh, Nakazdli, Nadleh Whuten, Witset with Roga and Frost Lake Logging to complete a number of key activities for Chevron’s Pacific Trails Pipeline.  Amongst other activities, Troy’s role was to maximize first nations engagement on the project by ensuring training of workers was provided and completed, and to find and source the first nations companies available in the area to complete the work.  On the projects, first nations members comprised over 60% of the workers, and over 95% of the work was completed by first nations owned companies, either by band owned companies or band member owned companies.

Shas Resources L.P. and Shas Resources Ltd., formed in 2015 to complete all clearing, road maintenance, grubbing, security, and first aid activities for Chevron Pacific Trails Pipeline between Prince George and Clore River near Kitimat.  This work involved the coordination of the work, including as many First Nations owned businesses as were available and coordinating the work between the First Nations territories being crossed.  Like all LNG pipeline projects in B.C. this project is halted but is expected to resume in the future.  In 2015 there were 36 kilometers of work completed with the involvement of two first nations.  Clearing work, road building, environmental and archaeological monitoring, medical and security support crews brought over 100 people to the field.  Of the crew, over 60% were first nations, with positions as machine operators, environmental monitors, archaeological monitors, first aid, security, flagging, site supervisors, administration and operations management.  Crew training occurred for all on site works, including resource road driving, cultural awareness, forest firefighting, Level 1 first aid, construction safety, ground disturbance, bear awareness, and our company orientation.  Additional training provided for specific works included ATV / Side-by-Side driving, hand faller mentorship with training provide by our BCFSC certified trainer, and Wildlife Danger tree assessment.

Troy acts for Roga as the key liaison with the Lheidli T’enneh First Nation and Witset First Nation.  Diversification of the businesses will benefit Lheidli T’enneh and Witset, and their companies are constantly sought for natural resource and construction projects. 

Troy believes that economic development of each First Nation’s natural resources will help the First Nations provide good solid jobs for their members, building a stronger community.