Hon. Jinny Sims

Minister for Citizens’ Services, Government of British Columbia

Born in Jullundur District, India, Jinny immigrated to England at nine years old. She obtained a degree in education at the University of Manchester and moved to Canada in 1975 with her husband, Stephen Sims. Jinny spent two years as an English teacher in Quebec, before moving to Nanaimo with her husband to teach high school and raise their two children, Michael and Keeran.

Jinny has been a lifelong advocate for high-quality, public education and was elected President of the Nanaimo District Teachers Union early on in her career. Between 1999 and 2004, Jinny served on the executive of the BC Teacher’s Federation as both a Member-at-Large and a Vice President. In 2004, Jinny was elected President of the BCTF, a position she held until 2007. During her time on the BCTF executive, Jinny sat on the Status of Women Committee and served as the Director of Professional Development and Social Issues, a role which focused on teacher education, Aboriginal education, and social justice.

During her time at the BCTF, Jinny became involved in international development with CoDevelopment, working in countries across Central and South America with a specific focus on leadership training for women. She also worked with the IDEA Network, an organization committed to protecting and enhancing public education across the Americas, where she was Chair of the Women’s Committee.

In 2011, Jinny was elected as the NDP Member of Parliament for the riding of Newton-North Delta. During her time as an MP, Jinny served as the Official Opposition Critic for Employment and Social Development Canada, Critic for International Development, and the Critic for Immigration, Multiculturalism, and Citizenship.

In May of 2017, Jinny was elected to the B.C. Legislature as the MLA for the constituency of Surrey-Panorama. On July 18th of the same year, she was appointed Minister for Citizens’ Services in the newly formed BC NDP government. She currently sits on three cabinet committees including the Legislative Review Committee, the Sustainable Shared Prosperity Committee, and the Social Initiatives Committee.

Jinny continues to be a passionate advocate for working people and is committed to creating a British Columbia where everyone can benefit from our growing economy and access the services they count on.