9th Indigenous Resource Opportunities Conference

June 18-20, 2025

Vancouver Island Conference Centre | Nanaimo, BC

The Indigenous Resource Opportunities Conference is committed to honoring accomplishments and fostering dialogues aimed at ensuring equitable access to economic participation and partnership for Indigenous Peoples. The objective is to establish enduring and sustainable advantages for Indigenous communities through resource development endeavors. By prioritizing these aims, the conference seeks to advocate for inclusivity, economic empowerment, and the overall welfare of Indigenous Peoples within the framework of resource development initiatives.

Established in 2009, the Indigenous Resource Opportunities Conference (IROC) is renowned for showcasing successful collaborations among Indigenous communities, governments, resource developers, and business leaders. The conference emphasizes the mutual benefits of healthy and prosperous Indigenous communities. It serves as a platform for dialogue on equitable access to jobs/training, new opportunities, and sustainable benefits from resource development projects, underscoring the importance of inclusive and sustainable growth for Indigenous Peoples.

Conference Chair

Dallas W. Smith, President, Nanwakolas Council

Welcome Chiefs, Councillors, Elders, resource developers, businesses and Government representatives to the Indigenous Resource Opportunities Conference.  We are excited to again host this First Nations-led conference with a focus on sharing success stories of First Nations, resource developers and the Government working together to advance positive projects.

Since the launch of the original series conference, many successful partnerships now exist that are bringing significant benefits to First Nations, resource developers, businesses and all levels of Government.  When First Nations communities are healthy and have opportunities, we all benefit.  The conference lays the foundation for future partnerships and resulting benefits for First Nations and the resource sector.